Leaders Empowerment

Leadership plays a fundamental role in improving efficiency and effectiveness in achieving development goals in general. It also helps motivate workers to achieve the highest possible levels of performance, acts as a driving force for group efforts and strengthens the basis for cooperation among individuals and corrects deviations in traditional communication methods that can lead to misunderstanding of the messages conveyed. Leadership also plays a key role in finding the best ways to achieve quality and improve performance to implement public policy in the best possible way.

Based on the above, API adopts a specialized program in "leadership empowerment" whose philosophy is based on targeting candidates for leadership positions in the various government agencies and departments, in order to provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to understand the components of the national economy and the mechanisms for promoting economic activity, in addition to the knowledge and skills needed to manage the planning process in its various stages and to monitor and evaluate the various development activities, thereby enhancing their preparation for the various leadership positions that will help support development efforts and raise the level of development performance in general.

The program focuses on three main areas, namely "development planning", "management, leadership and innovation" and "data analysis, reporting and public policy analysis".

This program has been designed in an integrated and interactive manner that combines the acquisition of new knowledge and skills through workshops and training seminars, in addition to the completion of numerous specialized readings and presentations on policy analysis, international and local reports, and comparative case studies.