Social Responsibility

Countries attach particular importance to social responsibility, whose role is growing daily due to development challenges, and which require the concerted efforts of all development partners to actively contribute to the development process. Social responsibility is defined as the ongoing commitment of institutions, organizations and the private sector to act ethically, to contribute to economic and social development and to improve the quality of life of workers, their families, the local community and society as a whole. From this point of view, the Arab Planning Institute emphasizes in its literature, services and activities the importance of adopting a contemporary vision of the concept of social responsibility that reflects the global and broad perspective of sustainable development in all its economic, social and cultural dimensions instead of limiting this concept to a narrow and limited scope.

 The institute translates this vision of social responsibility through:
- Disseminating knowledge on the development of social responsibility and its best practices. 
- The development of practical models in the field of social responsibility and openness to stakeholders.
- The development of a work culture and a stimulating organizational environment. 
- Expanding the scope of partnerships with Arab and international institutions in various fields of development.