Development Planning

Planning is defined as a scientific activity that involves voluntary intervention to achieve specific goals aiming at moving the society and the economy from their current state to a desired state in the future. Sound development planning based on scientific and disciplined methodological foundations represents the basis of the various activities offered by the Arab Planning Institute in the fields of training, research and consultancy, as development planning is crucial for socio-economic development in general in Arab countries.  API’s perspective on development planning focuses on the "indicative planning" approach, which is based on an active and smart role for governments to incentivize economic activity and boost the role of private sector in accordance with the rules and mechanisms of the market.

In view of the numerous requirements and conditions for the success of development planning at the intellectual and technical level, API took the initiative to provide many advanced training programs, consultations and practical research with the aim of providing technical and institutional support to those in charge of designing development plans, drawing up policies and implementing and evaluating them, especially through training programs on “Strategic Planning”, “Economic and Social Planning”, “Evaluation and Follow-up of Development Plans", "Crisis Management and Economic Recovery" and "Economic Modelling and Policymaking". In addition, API provides technical support and advanced training for those in charge of the design and implementation of economic and social policies related to the development plans such as development financing, economic diversification and modern industrial policies, governance and institutional development, modern systems of government administration, economic empowerment, public-private partnership, private sector development, international financial flows and development, entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprise development. API also actively contributes to the preparation and review of development plans for a number of Arab countries, in addition to directing a significant number of research and publications to the field of development planning, whether in the Arab Development Report or in its other publications venues.