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API Objectives

The Arab Planning Institute is a non-profit regional organization whose primary mission is to advance the cause of economic and social development in Arab countries through training, research, consultancy, expert-group meetings, and publication.

The API's main objectives are to:

  • Support development efforts in Arab countries and formulation of economic and social development plans.

  • Help decision-makers in Arab countries in designing macro and sectoral development strategies aimed at bringing about innovative solutions for development challenges.

  • Elevate capacity of national human teams in Arab countries by furnishing them with specialized skills in development administration and planning.

  • Provide scientific and technical expertise to help Arab countries to cope with and grasp the latest developments in the areas of economic and social development and planning.

  • Facilitate research programs and economic data analyses at the disposal of Arab decision-makers and researchers to support the decision making process and the quality of research and studies in the areas of development, economic and social policies and planning.

  • Set up a network of Arab experts and specialists in the fields of economic and social development and facilitate the exchange of scientific and practical expertise among Arab countries.

  • Disseminate knowledge and awareness on matters related to development in Arab countries and provide data bases in various economic and social areas.

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