International, Regional & Local Cooperation

The Arab Planning Institute seeks to open prospects for joint cooperation with Arab, regional and international institutions and organizations. The API has concluded numerous MoUs and agreements of cooperation to support planning and development activities in the Arab countries at one hand, and to strengthen its position and role as an Arab think tank on the other hand. These agreements set out a comprehensive framework for the areas and foundations of cooperation and implementation plans for a wide range of activities and programs of common interest. Among the most important cooperative agreements and strategic partnerships held by the API, we can cite:

Strategic Partnership with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development: In order to implement the "Program for Responsive Governance to Post-Covid 19 Challenges" to support Arab countries in updating and developing the institutional governance framework to address the governance challenges during the recovery period from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing short and long-term technical assistance to Arab countries upon request. 

  • Partnership with the World Bank by signing a cooperation agreement in several development areas, including the implementation of workshops on SDGs in Arab countries.

  • Partnership with the League of Arab States notably for the preparation of the document "The Arab Strategic Framework for the Eradication of Multidimensional Poverty 2020-2030", a partnership that brought together a team of experts from the API and from the Department of Development and Community Policies at the General Secretariat of the League of Arab States.

  • Partnership with the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), working in multidimensional poverty area, which includes issues related to poverty measurement at the regional and national levels and capacity building to assess the impact of public policy interventions such as conditional and unconditional cash transfer programs.

  • Agreements and MoUs with many Arab, regional and international organizations, and institutions, where many events, programs and joint work activities were held.