Virtual Events

The API holds conferences, arranges for expert meetings, and conducts conferences, workshops and seminars localy and outside Kuwait on issues pertaining to the Economic and Social Development in the Arab world. These meetings serve as brain-storming fora within which international and regional experts can discuss research findings, exchange views and share opinions about relevant issues for the Arab countries.

Event Name The date of the meeting To watch (the Institute's second channel on YouTube)
ندوة افتراضية حول الإصدار الخامس من تقرير التنمية العربية بعنوان: " مديونية الدول العربية: الواقع والمخاطر وسُبل المواجهة"20/01/2022
ورشة تدريبية افتراضية "السوق الثانوي في الاقتصاديات الناشئة والنامية"17/09/2021