SMEs Center

Our Goals

In pursuance of the vision and mission of the Arab Planning Institute, the SMEs Center seeks to achieve a set of objectives as follows:

     bg-arrow-right.png To contribute efficiently in achieving the API's vision and objectives and in the implementation of its mission.
     bg-arrow-right.png To foster the level of coordination and cooperation between the API and the institutions, trade unions and regional associations related to SMEs development.
     bg-arrow-right.png To be a key player in the consultations and training services markets in a way that reflects the API efforts in supporting all stakeholders in the SMEs sector.
     bg-arrow-right.png To promote the principle of inclusiveness in delivering services to include all target groups, particularly entrepreneurs, innovative investors, and existing business owners as well as related financial and nonfinancial institutions.
    bg-arrow-right.png To promote levels of networking and coordination between Arab financial and technical support institutions operating in the field of SMEs development.

    bg-arrow-right.png To develop and enhance the skills and capabilities of entrepreneurs and SMEs' owners.

    bg-arrow-right.png To contribute in the implementation of country programs concerned with self-employment, business entrepreneurs, SMEs development. 

    bg-arrow-right.png To disseminate the culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and self-employment. 

    bg-arrow-right.png To help in building the capacity of all public institutions and non-profit organizations working in the field of SMEs development in all Arab countries. 

     bg-arrow-right.png To contribute in policy and decision making efforts related to SMEs development at the domestic and regional levels. 
     bg-arrow-right.png To promote the opportunities of utilizing the best global practices and experiences in the field of networking, integration and SMEs development. 
      bg-arrow-right.png To help establishing technical support units in institutions targeting SMEs development.
      bg-arrow-right.png To foster entrepreneurship efforts and to provide institutional support for Institutions involved in business entrepreneurship according to the best global practices. 
      bg-arrow-right.png To promote the prospects of cooperation and the exchange of expertise, knowledge, information and success stories.  


bg-arrow-right.png  To contribute to the development of production and exporting capabilities of SMEs and to enhance their competitiveness at the regional and global levels.

bg-arrow-right.png  To follow up all countries', regional and global economic and social developments related to SMEs and to define the lessons learnt and their expected impacts.

bg-arrow-right.png  To help building SMEs data base in order to fill the existing gap in this field.

bg-arrow-right.png  To provide researchers and policy makers with publications and studies related to entrepreneurship and SMEs.