The ArabPlanning Institute's consulting and institutional support activity is part ofits 9th five-year plan for the years 2020-2025, which aims toadvance the consulting activity and become a recognized Arab expert center inthe Arab consulting market.  It focuseson planning, development, and developmental policies which targets the developmentof Arab economies and provides practical solutions to all the challenges facedby Arab countries through the use of the latest scientific methods andquantitative models.

The API’sefforts are reflected through the increase in the number of consultations itprovides to member states, at an exceptionally high level of quality.  Numerous studies have been completed by theInstitute for the benefit of various Arab institutions on various topics ofplanning and development.  Advisory andinstitutional support services are primarily based on requests by variousparties in the member states, and the institute utilizes the resources it hasavailable to meet these requests in accordance with the rules that are in place.