Consultancy Services

The Arab planning institute offers many consultancy services at the request of Arab beneficiaries, according to their requirements and development priorities. these services include conducting consultative studies related to various developmental issues required by decision makers in the Arab world, in addition to developing and building up economic models and indicators related to planning schemes. The institute’s methodology also depends on implementing consultancies according to the latest and most developed practical and scientific methods applied in the field of development planning.


  • Promoting development performance of the state and improving development management.
  • Preparing specialized development programs such as SME programs and investment opportunities Development programs.
  • Improving the standard of performance of planning apparatuses and institution in the filed of analyzing and building up national economic indicators and predicting their impact on the economy.
  • Expediting and simplifying procedures and rendering the necessary services for planning follow-up operations in addition to evaluating performance away from red tape and bureaucracy.