API Publications - Development Series

Publication TitlePublication Date
Diversification of Education funding sources in the Arab countries in the light of international best practices February 2023
دور برامج الحماية الاجتماعية في إدارة الأزمات بالتركيز على جائحة كوفيد-19 November 2022
The Sustainable Development Goals in the Arab Countries: The Planning, Financing and Data Gap May 2022
Requirements for the application of total quality management in the public sector, with a focus on the Japanese experience September 2021
The historical development of the theories of growth and development in economic thought July 2021
The Effectiveness of the Role of Labour Market Policies in the Arab Countries: Implications for the Repercussions of the Covid-19 Crisis May 2021
The Importance of Arab Parents’ Perspective in Shaping and Developing ECE Methodologies to Increase Economical Efficiency and Social Consistency: The Montessori Method of Education April 2021
Social justice as an entrance to achieving development: A study in the comparative Arab context with the Malaysian experience April 2021
Conceptual framework for knowledge management strategy in organizations March 2021
Indicators for evaluating the performance of microfinance institutions: an empirical study of the case of the Palestinian Institution for Credit and Development "Faten” October 2020
The Role of Joint Arab Action Institutions and Arab Development and Financing Institutions in Reducing Multidimensional Poverty in Arab Countries - An Analytical Perspective May 2020
The importance of developing teaching and learning curricula and methods for the development process - with a focus on the Montessori method April 2020
Motivations and professional needs according to the perceptions of the trainees participating in the training programs at the Arab Planning Institute April 2020
Analytical study of the policies and mechanisms for the development of the micro, small and medium enterprises sector: the case of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan October 2019
The dangers of Cyber-attacks and their economic impacts: A case study of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries April 2019
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