API Publications - Development Series

Publication TitlePublication Date
Administrative reform as an introduction to correcting the development path, international experiences March 2019
The development of Arab institutions from the perspective of the knowledge economy December 2018
The development of productivity and its contribution to the economic growth of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries May 2018
The Malaysian Experience in Crisis Management: An Approach to Political Economy May 2018
The developmental role of modern industrial policies in light of leading international practices: a requirement for structural transformation of the economies of Arab countries April 2018
Building the institutional capacity of local units May 2018
Indicators for assessing the social impacts of micro, small and medium enterprises and the services provided to them April 2018
Small and Medium Enterprises in Lebanon: Obstacles and Future Perspectives January 2018
Pioneering development experiences - Malaysia as a model November 2017
The reality of social risks in the Republic of Yemen October 2017
An analytical study of the dimensions of the challenges facing micro, small and medium enterprises, and the role of technical support institutions January 2017
Credit Rating Agencies: Presentation and Evaluation July 2016
Economic Integration: Mechanisms for Enhancing Arab Economic Cooperation January 2016
In-service training for public servants: a case study of the reality of the Kuwaiti experience October 2015
Business Environment and Obstacles of SME's Development: State of Kuwait October 2014