API held a Training Program in Iraq

The Arab Planning Institute held a training program entitled “Applications of governance and institutional reform applications in government sector” for the benefit of the Ministry of Finance during the period 12/5/2024 -16/5/2024 in Iraq. 

The program aimed to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and skills related to good governance and institutional reform in the government sector. It also explained the importance of good governance in improving institutional performance and the justifications for its application and use in building sound public sector systems, as well as establishing solid and efficient institutional structure in public sector institutions. 

Furthermore, it introduced practical governance applications at the level of government ministries and departments, including its role in preserving financial, physical, and human resources, achieving efficiency, and ensuring citizen satisfaction. 

The training program also clarified the most important standards and indicators adopted by international institutions to measure the effectiveness and performance of government institutions and emphasized the importance of practicing good governance in various operations. Additionally, it analyzed the current status and challenges facing the practice of good governance and institutional reform in the Republic of Iraq, taking into account the Iraqi vision for sustainable development 2030.

The program also presented some elements of good governance and institutional control systems and manuals from different countries, while identifying the positive effects of adopting applications of institutional control and good governance systems on the organization's operations and activities.