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Publication TitlePublished Date
Arab Development Report Forth Issus “Small and Medium Enterprises in Arab Economies: New Role for the Advancement of Sustainable Development”. January 2020
Volume 22. No 1 Jan 2020 January 2020
Reforming Public Institutions in Arab Countries A Proposes Model. July 2019
The job satisfaction of public sector employees in the Arab countries: A field study on a sample of participants in the training programs organized by the Arab Planning Institute. July 2019
Shifting towards green jobs in Arab countries considering the challenges of unemployment and sustainability requirements. July 2019
Measuring the companies’ responsiveness to corporate social responsibility concepts and foundations: A field study on a sample of the Algerian companies. July 2019
Volume 21. No 2 July 2019 July 2019
Institutional Quality and sustainable development in Arab countries: Empirical study. January 2019
The Relationship Between Government Spending and GDP Growth Rate In The MENA Countries: The Scully Curve Approach. January 2019
Analysis of The Relationship Between Governance and Economic Growth: New evidence from Tunisia an ARDL Bounds Testing Approach. January 2019
Economic Diversification: An Approach to Correcting The Path and establishing Sustainability in Arab Countries. January 2019
Volume 21. No 1 Jan 2019 January 2019
The Effect of Participation in Global Value Chains on Economic Development in the Arab Country: Case of Some Selected Arab Countries (1995-2015) July 2018
Investment in Knowledge Economy as an Access to Economic Diversification: The Case of the GCC Countries July 2018
The Effect of Oil Price Changes on Economic Performance in Saudi Arabia: An Empirical Study July 2018