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Publication TitlePublished Date
Economic Impacts of Covid - 19 Pandemic on Arab Labor Markets and Poverty and Ways to Address Them November 2020
Implication of Covied-19 on and Arab Public Debt. November 2020
Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis and the Role Of Arab Development Funds in Economic Recovery, and in Lying Down the Basis of Sustainable Development in Arab Countries. November 2020
Volume 22. No 3 November 2020 November 2020
The relationship between corruption, political instability and economic growth In Egypt during the period(1990 - 2018). July 2020
Economic characteristics of Bitcoin "An analytical study" July 2020
How does Globalization Affect the Role of Shariah-Compliant Investment Funds in Promoting Social Justice? Evidence from Saudi Arabia July 2020
Dimensions of the economic and social role of microfinance institutions: the case of the Palestine for Credit and Development “FATEN” July 2020
Arab Development Report Forth Issue “ Small and Medium Enterprises in Arab Economies: New Role for the Advancement of Sustainable Development July 2020
Volume 22. No 2 July 2020 July 2020
The Dynamic Effects of Linking Wages to Productivity in Developing Economies: The Case of Egypt January 2020
The Effectiveness of the Policy of Expansionary Austerity in Brazil During the Period (1980-2017) January 2020
The role of Handicrafts and Crafts in Local Economic Development in Arab Republic of Egypt: Study in Policy Analysis January 2020
The Risk Community and Global Value Shifts. January 2020
Rethinking the Macroeconomics of Resource-Rich Countries January 2020