Meetings - Round Tables

The API holds conferences, arranges for expert meetings, and conducts conferences, workshops and seminars localy and outside Kuwait on issues pertaining to the Economic and Social Development in the Arab world. These meetings serve as brain-storming fora within which international and regional experts can discuss research findings, exchange views and share opinions about relevant issues for the Arab countries.

Title Date Place
Discuss the World Bank Report about the Economic Issues in GCC22-5-2019API
Business Environment and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): The case of Kuwait19/04/2014API
Small and Medium Enterprises:Cornerstone of Development18/5/2013API
Health Economics23/04/2012API
The Challenges of Fiscal Policy in Kuwait02/04/2012API
About Solving the Dilemma of Educated Unemployment in the Arab Countries18/01/2012API
Why did not Turn Out Most of the Developing Countries to Developed Countries developmentally?19/12/2011API
Determinants of Inward FDI to the Arab Countries11/04/2011API
Assess the Developmental Experience of the GCC04/04/2011API
Measuring the Efficiency of GCC Banks28/03/2011API
Gender Gap and Development: Is the Privacy of Arab Societies?17/01/2011API
Human Capital and Growth in The Arab Countries20/12/2010API
Regional Economic Integration or International: Arab Situation26/04/2010API
Intra-Gulf Trade19/04/2010API
Competitive Economies of the Gulf States30/03/2010API
Taxes, Gift of Natural Resources & The Labor Supply in The Arab Countries and The GCC26/01/2010API
The Political Economy of Inequality in The Arab Countries05/01/2010API
GCC Common Market14/04/2009API
The International Financial Crisis & Its Impact on The Gulf States.17/03/2009API
The Use of Oil Revenues: Example of The State of Kuwait11/03/2009API
Tax Reform in the State of Kuwait03/12/2008API
Inflation targeting: What does it mean for the GCC?04/11/2008API
Self Selection versus Learning-by-Exporting Four Arab Economies23/06/2008API
The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in The Arab Development13/05/2008API
The Business Environment & The Role of The Private Sector29/04/2008API
Democracy and Development in the Arab Countries12/02/2008API
Unemployment and the Future of the Labor Market in Kuwait29/01/2008API
Women and Development in the Arab Countries: The Case of Kuwaiti women22/01/2008API