Volume 22. No 2 July 2020 .


Title : Volume 22. No 2 July 2020

Volume : 22

No. : 2

ISSN : 1561-0411

Publisher : Arab Planning Institute - Kuwait

Published Date : Jul, 2020

Contents :

The relationship between corruption, political instability

and economic growth In Egypt during the period(1990 - 2018).

Ali Naga


Economic characteristics of Bitcoin "An analytical study"

Abdel Halem Shahen



How does Globalization Affect the Role of Shariah-Compliant Investment

Funds in Promoting Social Justice? Evidence from Saudi Arabia

Mohammad Hariri,

Khaled Alotaibi

 Case Studies:

Dimensions of the economic and social role of microfinance institutions: the case of the Palestine for Credit and Development “FATEN”

Ihab Magableh

Scientific Conference and Seminars:

Arab Development Report Forth Issue “ Small and Medium Enterprises in Arab Economies: New Role for the Advancement of Sustainable Development

Faisal Al-Monawer





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Volume 22. No 2 July 2020