Volume 22. No 1 Jan 2020 .


Title : Volume 22. No 1 Jan 2020

Volume : 22

No. : 1

ISSN : 1561-0411

Publisher : Arab Planning Institute - Kuwait

Published Date : Jan, 2020

Contents :

The Dynamic Effects of Linking Wages to Productivity in Developing Economies: The Case of Egypt

Hazem Hassanein


The Effectiveness of the Policy of Expansionary Austerity in Brazil During the Period (1980-2017)

Ahmed Mandour

Tahira El Sayed Mohamed

Mohamed Abdel Azim


The role of Handicrafts and Crafts in Local Economic Development in Arab Republic of Egypt:

Study in Policy Analysis

Mohamed Hassan


Academic Articles:


The Risk Community and Global Value Shifts.

Faisal Al-Monawer

Omar Malaeb


Review Reports and Books:


Arab Development Report Forth Issus “Small and Medium Enterprises in Arab Economies:

New Role for the Advancement of Sustainable Development”.

Nawaf Abou Shamala





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Volume 22. No 1 Jan 2020