Volume 21. No 1 Jan 2019 .


Title : Volume 21. No 1 Jan 2019

Volume : 21

No. : 1

ISSN : 1561-0411

Publisher : Arab Planning Institute - Kuwait

Published Date : Jan, 2019

Contents :

Institutional Quality and sustainable development in Arab countries: Empirical study.

Chibi Abderrahim
Chekouri Sidi Mohamed


The Relationship Between Government Spending and GDP Growth Rate In The MENA Countries:

The Scully Curve Approach.


Amira T. Eltayb

Sultan Abu Ali


Analysis of The Relationship Between Governance and Economic Growth: New evidence from Tunisia an ARDL Bounds Testing Approach.

Amaira Bouzid


Economic Diversification: An Approach to Correcting The Path and establishing Sustainability in Arab Countries.

Belkacem Laabas

Nawaf Abou Shamala





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Volume 21. No 1 Jan 2019