Volume 20. No 2 July 2018 .


Title : Volume 20. No 2 July 2018

Volume : 20

No. : 2

ISSN : 1561-0411

Publisher : Arab Planning Institute - Kuwait

Published Date : Jul, 2018

Contents :

The Effect of Participation in Global Value Chains on Economic Development in the Arab Country: Case of Some Selected Arab Countries (1995-2015)

Okba Abdellaoui

Samiha Dgedidi

abdmalek Bahi

Ouafa Bahi


Investment in Knowledge Economy as an Access to Economic Diversification: The Case of the GCC Countries

Mohammed Omer Batwaih

Alamedin Bannaga

The Effect of Oil Price Changes on Economic Performance in Saudi Arabia: An Empirical Study

Imadeddin Almosabbeh

Mohamad ALmoree





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Volume 20. No 2 July 2018