Volume 17. No 1 July 2015 .


Title : Volume 17. No 1 July 2015

Volume : 17

No. : 1

ISSN : 1561-0411

Publisher : Arab Planning Institute - Kuwait

Published Date : Apr, 2015

Contents :

Constructing a SAM for Egypt (2008/09)
Introducing Water and Irrigation Seasonality.
Rehab Osman
Emanuele Ferrar
Scott McDonald

The Dollar and Fiscal Surplus
Hazem Al Beblawi

Business environment and small and medium enterprises in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
Ihab Magableh

The Impact of Economic Growth on Unemployment in Algeria: Astudy by Applying The Model OKUN/GORDON.
Qadoor Bennafla

Measuring the relative efficiency of health systems and their determinants using data analysis (DEA) for middle- and High- income countries: a standard modeling analysis.
Sewar Yousef
Mansouri Abdelkareem
Idrissi Mokhtar

Book Review:
Paul Krugman, End this Depression Now
Abdelhameed Merghit




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Volume 17. No 1 July 2015