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  • Participation of the Arab Planning Institute in the meeting of the General Union of Arab Experts in Sharjah during t


    The Arab Planning Institute (API) participated in the meeting organized by the General Union of Arab Experts (GUAE) in Sharjah during the period 1-2 October 2021.


    API was represented by Dr. Mohammed Amine Lezar alongside a group of experts representing Arab Organizations affiliated to the GUAE. The meeting was devoted to establishing contacts and connects representatives of various institutions and organizations in the GUAE. Experts from different Organizations made introductory presentations highlighting tasks, specializations, and objectives of their respective organizations. Dr. Ahmed Mohamed AlJarwan presented an overview of the Union and its contribution to achieving the development of expertise, technical and scientific advice for the Arab countries in order to serve comprehensive development and secure a stimulating work environment by supporting training and help building a learning system through community research, cooperation and sharing of best practices


    The presentation by Dr. Mohammed Amine Lezar focused on the most important tasks and competencies of API, such as training programs in various development fields, consultancy, institutional support, research and scientific publishing. During this meeting, participants discussed and exchanged views on mechanisms of work within the GUAE and how the Union contributes to enhancing communication and work to serve the joint Arab work and to support the achievement of development goals in the Arab countries in various fields and disciplines.