Volume 16. No 2 July 2014 .


Title : Volume 16. No 2 July 2014

Volume : 16

No. : 2

ISSN : 15610411

Publisher : Arab Planning Institute - Kuwait

Published Date : Jul, 2014

Contents :

The Impact of Openness on Economic Growth : Evidence From the MENA Countries 
Amin Hawas
Majdi Al-shorbaji 
Impact of Economic and Political freedom on Corruption in Arab countries
Azza Hegazy
The Effects of Oils Prices Volatility on Economic Growth in Algeria (Empirical study 1980 – 2013) 
Zerouat Fatma Zohar
Bouredja Sara
Trends Of the Beneficiaries of Social aid Program Towards the Submitted Service to them in Kuwait- Field Study.
Faisal Al-Monawer

Book Review:
“the Price of Inequality: How Today’s Divided Social Endangers Our Futuer”.
Ahmed Al-Kawaz





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Volume 16. No 2 July 2014