API provides consultancy services to Arab governments, regional and international institutions and to the private sector in the areas of Economic Management, Development Policies and Planning. Consultancy work provided by the Institute consists mainly of studies intended to address the specific needs of the requesting parties.



API provides consulting services which are  rendered in the forms of preparation of  reports and consulting studies related to various developmental issues that are needed by the decision maker, as well as developing and constructing indicators and models that relate to development plans. API’s methodology and work are based on the latest practical and scientific methods in the fields of development and planning which in turn ensures the utmost results upon implementation in order to achieve the following general objectives:

  •     *   Simplifying and speeding the follow up process of development plans and performance evaluation thus providing simple procedures to ensure the optimum results away from bureaucratic channels.
  •     *   Enhancing the performance of planning departments in analyzing and building national economic indicators and forecasting its effects on national economies; which is achieved through providing consulting services to the benefited parties.

In order to achieve the above mentioned goals API bases its work on applied and field research as well as practical programs, which include the following areas:

  •    *  Setting long term, medium term and short term development strategies and plans.
  •    *  Linking countries' general plans to its general budget.
  •    *  Development of government, public finance sectors.
  •    *  Revising and developing States macroeconomic and sectoral policies on both national and local levels in order to achieve sustainable and balanced development.   
  •    *  Linking basic and higher education policies with the labor market policies and programs.
  •    *  Building systems of institutional governance, transparency and accountability in both public and private sectors. 
  •    *  Improving  the financial sector to better serve the goals of Economic and social development. 
  •    *  Development and enhancing the labor market and the advancement of national labor.
  •    *  Drafting policies and programs to support and advance SME’s.

API provides consultancies in these areas and several other areas through contracting with the best experts on national, regional and international levels. 

Areas of API’s Consultancy services

  •        *    Socio-economic Planning
  •        *    Economic Development Policies and Strategies
  •        *    Enhancing Competitiveness and Exports
  •        *    Higher and vocational Education and Career Planning
  •        *    Preparing and Analyzing Economic Reports (Macroeconomic Data Analysis and Report Writing Sills- Analyzing Regional and International Economic Reports)   
  •        *    Local and National Developments policies
  •        *    Feasibility studies and Project Evaluation
  •        *    Labor Market Indicators and Field Surveys
  •        *    Foreign Financial Flow and Development
  •        *    Employment and Poverty Alleviation Programs and Policies
  •        *    Sectoral Development (Industrial and Agricultural Development Policies)
  •        *    Diversification and Arab Economic Integration
  •        *    Youth and Women Empowerment
  •        *    National Accounts and Social Accounting Matrix (Building Social Accounting Matrix- National Income Accounts)
  •        *    Financial Markets, Investments  and Development
  •        *    SMEs Development (Institutional Supports and SMEs Development- SMEs’ Finance)
  •        *     International Trade Policies and Globalization
  •        *     Promoting Investment Opportunities and Enhancing Foreign Direct Investment
  •        *     Social Welfare Policies
  •        *     Methods of Social Risk Management

Selected Sample of Recent Consultancy Projects

  • Project of Investment Map for Norther Governorates (Irbid, Jarach, Ajloun, Mafraq) in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for the benefit of Jordanian Investment authority.

  •    *   A study of the pattern of development in the next phase: Towards a balanced knowledge-based economy, relies on skilled national labor  and serves the environment. For the benefit of the Ministry of Economy-Abu Dhabi- United Arab Emirates.

  •    *   A study of the strategy and requirements of economic development of the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain, for the benefit of the Ministry of Economy- Abu Dhabi- United Arab Emirates.(under going)

  •     *   The orientations of the second five year plan 2014-2019, for the benefit of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development- State of Kuwait.

  •     *   Assessing the achievements of the “Supreme Education Council”, and identifying the aspirations and actions required by the council to achieve its full potential. For the benefit of the Supreme Council on Education- State of Kuwait.

The Institution provides institutional Support programs tailored for planning departments at Arab Ministries and institutions in order to aid them in building their overall capacity and improve their performance in the following areas:
  •    *   Enhancing the overall abilities of Arab governmental institutions, to ensure a more effective and efficient work flow. 
  •    *   Providing the proper advice to develop business performance
  •    *   Preparing development plans 
  •    *   Following  up and evaluating the implementation of development plans 
  •    *   Restructuring the procedures of planning policies