In its function as a think tank, the API conducts in-house research and studies, and collaborates with experts from other Arab, regional and international institutions. 




Research plays an important role in the functions of API alongside with consultancies and training. API’s research activities are manifested through academic papers published by members of the technical staff, papers presented at conferences, seminars and expert group meetings as well as working papers that are published through API. The research activity includes API’s field studies and studies that are related to consultancies, as well as the Arab competitvnes report and Arab human development report.

Some of the areas covered by API’s research:

*   Development Management Issues

Includes the study of different approaches to manage the economy, paying close attention to the failure of market mechanisms and failure of the state as well as its limitations in intervening to guarantee achieving developmental goals. And the study of various governance frameworks and their role in strengthening the management of development as well as encouraging stimulating and sustaining economic growth. Research in this domain  also includes evaluating the economic results that are related to various developmental paths available to Arab States as reflected in its declared economic plans or economic programs and exploring the best alternatives in terms of policies and practices. This section also includes all the studies that are related to evaluating economic and development policies that aim at implementing reforms in the long run, as well as the study of the effects of the “Arab Spring” on the economies of the Arab world.

*   Sectorial Development Issues:

Including development of Agricultural,Industrial,services and distribution sectors. In addition to that this section will include all the studies that aim at evaluating the private sector role in the development process, including the contribution of private investment to the process of economic development on both local and international levels. Studies under this section will also address the privatization process.

*   Social Development Issues:

Studies under this section aim to tackle the issues of poverty reduction and  equitable distribution through labor market reform, empowerment of women, youth and civil society institutions. As well as the issues of equality in access to education and health services.

*    Issues of Regional and International Environment for Development, includes the following topics

         -   Arab and regional integration

         -   Commercial, investment and capital flow

          -   International competitiveness

          -   International migration

          -   Foreign debt issues

*   S
mall and Medium Enterprises:

The Institute has been paying close attention for the studies and issues of SME’s in the Arab world. An SME’s development center is being built and it will provide training and coaching to Arab entrepreneurs as well as research on institutional support and SME’s development and finance.API will also be following and implementing the steps of the national project for SME’s.

API’s technical staff recent researches could be found under the publication Section.