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  • API organized a Training Program in "Economic diversification policies" in the Kingdom of Morocco during the period 29/4/2019-3/5/2019.

    The Arab Planning Institute (API) in Kuwait organized a training program in " Economic diversification policies " in the Kingdom of Morocco during the period from 29/4/2019 to 3/5/2019. 

    The aim of this program is to discuss the problem of the dependence of several countries, particularly the Arab countries, on some natural resources, which are often the main pillars of the economy in terms of production, export, financial revenues and attracting foreign investment. It also clarifies the risks related to the economies dominated by these natural resources and the importance of economic diversification to reduce these risks.

    The program has introduced the concept and objectives of economic diversification and the relation between diversification and economic and social development. It also identified key indicators that reflect the efforts of countries to diversify their economies. After a review of successful and pioneering experiences of some emerging countries, the program identified how these experiences can be used to formulate and develop economic diversification policies in Arab countries. The program focused on Morocco and its experience compared to a group of countries, especially Arab countries.

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