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  • The Arab Planning Institute held a training program in Ministry of Planning , Baghdad - Republic of Iraq

    The Arab Planning Institute (API) held a training program titled "Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanisms for Development Plans" during the period 10/2-14/2/2019 for the Ministry of Planning in the Republic of Iraq. 
    The program aims at providing participants with the necessary tools to monitor and evaluate development plans. Highlighting the state of the Republic of Iraq. and enabling them to design “monitoring and evaluation systems”, according to best international practices.
     The program also analyzed the basic requirements to employ M & E systems, considering its applications in international institutions such as W.B and UNDP. to measure the efficiency, effectiveness, results and impact of development plans.
    Furthermore, the program aimed at enhancing the capabilities of participants in using international databases to evaluate development plans in Iraq; to enable them to suggest several practical recommendations to further advance the future developmental path in the country. 

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