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  • API organized a Training Program in "Human Development and the Fight against Poverty" in the United Republic of Comoros during the period 22/10/2018-26/10/2018.

    The Arab Planning Institute (API) in Kuwait organized a training program in on " Human Development and poverty Reduction" for the benefit of public institutions in the Republic of United Comoros during the period from 22/10/2018 to 26/10/2018.  The program focused on several key topics: defining the concept of human development, its characteristics and its relations to some of the most important development approaches. Highlighting human development in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals. Analyzing the evolution of indicators related to the various dimensions of human development (health, education and standard of living) at the global level in general and in Arab and African countries, as well as in the Comoros. The program also introduced and familiarized participants with the concepts of poverty, multidimensional poverty, its causes, its consequences, and analyzed the situation of the Comoros. Finally, it outlined policies that could contribute to improve human development and combating poverty in Comoros, based on some successful regional and international experiences and strategies

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