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    Arab Planning Institute
    Non-Profit Regional Organization
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    Currently, the Institute includes most of the Arab countries as members
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    API Conducts Meetings locally and Outside API's Premises
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    Capacity Building
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    Consultancy Services
    API provides consultancy services to Arab governments, regional and international institutions
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    Regional Expert Meetings
    Regional Expert Meetings to promote the sustainable development in the Arab region
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    API houses a large number of lecture halls and training rooms as well as two computer laboratories
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    Arab Experts Database
    Information about Arab Experts
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    API SME's Center
    Specialized Center in Developing SME's

API Members        

 API SME's Center

A regional center specialized in developing and promoting small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to enhance their role in economic and social development. More »

 Arab Experts Database

API Experts database consists of information about the Experts and Specialists in various specialties in order to provide a channel of communication between Arab Experts who are working in the fields of socio-economic development. More »

 Training of the Trainers

Advanced and Specialized training Programs in the Field of Entrepreneurship and SMEs. More »


The Institute offers a wide variety of training programs tailored to improve the skills and increase the efficiency of individuals working at various levels of government institutions, and in the private sector.. Advanced and Specialized training Programs in the Field of Entrepreneurship and SMEs. More »
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